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Your product pricing rarely stays static. Be it the latest seasonal sales, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or just staying competitive, product pricing can change at any time, all the time.

It's vital all your marketing channels stay up to date.


Introducing DynamicProductPrice, a unique tool for Affiliates from Paid On Results which automatically keeps websites updated with the correct product pricing, eliminating the burden of maintaining product pricing for Affiliates, benefiting sale conversion.

Rather than Affiliates manually adding a product price to their websites, which will quickly go out of date and no longer be accurate, with DynamicProductPrice you simply cut and paste the one-line DynamicProductPrice tag instead. This results in the most up to date price for the product being displayed automatically, both now and into the future.

Merchant Brand Protection

Merchants whose Affiliates use DynamicProductPrice benefit with important brand protection. By having the correct pricing displayed at all touch points for the consumer, this prevents outdated pricing from creating a negative effect through the feeling of being mislead.

Increased Conversion

With the latest product price shown on Affiliate websites, everyone benefits from this accurate information. When decisions by the visitor whether or not to click through to the Merchant to purchase are made based on the price, having the latest price, including any recent price reductions being reflected, has the potential to aid conversion.

Simple Integration for Affiliates

To use DynamicProductPrice, simply cut and paste the one-line tag in place of where you would have previously added the product price on the page. It takes moments, but saves countless hours normally dedicated to updating prices across websites. Full customisation to the look of the price is available with our intuitive style wizard, so it will look at home on any website.

DynamicProductPrice has been deeply integrated into your existing favourite tools. For example, the everyday process of creating Deep Links now additionally provides the DynamicProductPrice one-line tag, making it simple to start using DynamicProductPrice immediately with no change to your working practice.

About Paid On Results

DynamicProductPrice has been developed in-house by Paid On Results, a UK Affiliate Marketing Network which has been leading the way in innovative tools for over 14 years. By offering the fastest payments to Affiliates compared to other Affiliate Networks, fully fledged reporting and a wide range of Merchants, this has resulted in Affiliates across all sectors working with us, including the top UK Affiliates.

By offering cost-effective entry, Merchants can work with an established Affiliate Network, with a full directory of Affiliates at much lower overheads than other Affiliate Networks, allowing for a more attractive and competitive Affiliate Program, resulting in more sales and business.

Getting Started

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The next time you use any of your favourite tools, Deep Link Generator, Affiliate Link Creator, Product Feeds or Affiliate Product Search, to create an Affiliate link for any product, you will be given the DynamicProductPrice tag.

For more information about DynamicProductPrice, or to create your own custom styles, log in to your Affiliate Control Panel and click DynamicProductPrice under Tools.

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